Palmer OSG exists to help you create focus + alignment so you and your people can make great things happen. We partner with you to blend your organization's knowledge and experience with ours, and develop collaborative plans for moving forward.

Dave Anderskow, President, Palmer Consulting Group

As a CPA, I am an Accountant by trade and a creative visionary by nature. I’m passionate about helping other leaders build companies that people love to work for and love to work with, and I’ve built the Palmer Consulting Group family on that passion.

Brad Elson, Sr. Business Advisor

I am a passionate change agent who has been building and advising businesses since 2001. I believe actions speak louder than words and that trust is the foundation for all positive organizational change.

Kiersten Rippeteau, OD Business Consultant

I’m here to help shape the environment that will help you and your people make great things happen. I believe an organization’s environment should be a clear reflection of its purpose and goals.